API development and backend services

Under the hood is where the magic happens, from small systems consuming content networks, to scalable full stack builds consuming multiple services.

We create robust API and backend services to support your web and mobile apps using test driven methods.

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Backend GraphQL database and API development

Backend GraphQL database development

API development

APIs built for purpose are a core service for backend setups. Often used as a central point to collate and serve data from other distributed services, or as a small part of a wider system.

We create test driven API implementations and take advantage of industry leading tools like NodeJS, GoLang and PHP Laravel, to deliver scalable APIs fit for purpose.

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Laravel developers

Laravel is a widely used, commercial level tool kit for building scalable APIs and backend micro services. Our development experience with the framework allows us to deliver testable, scalable services and to rapidly prototype and formalise business logic.

We help support existing Laravel based projects, or create new services to support web and mobile applications. 

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Laravel test driven development.

Laravel test driven development.

Backend development - DevOps process monitoring and import manager

Backend development – DevOps process monitoring and import manager

Backend services

Systems contain many many services, often using a variety of databases, programming languages, distributed services and open source tools.

Our knowledge of infrastructure tools such and services such as AWS, Docker and Azure, among many others, enables us to create, deploy and manage services for our clients.

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